Recruiting A-Players in Canada for the Industrial Industry

Do you want to speed up the recruitment of A-Players in your enterprise software scale-up or portfolio company?

Each HRP Talent Profile provides the foundation for a compelling Talent Attraction Campaign. By creating an in-depth achievement profile for your senior  executive role – combining cultural fit with referenceable key performance indicators – HRP identifies, attracts and qualifies talent to ensure your enterprise software venture surpasses your growth objectives. We deliver a concise shortlist of enthused, well-prepared, culturally aligned candidates in less than 1 month.

Accelerate the Timeline for Hiring A-Players into your company!

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Do you aspire to hire the top 15% of talent who drive the success of  your company?

The HRP Talent System treats top-performing Canadian talent as customers by building and nurturing relationships long before they are approached with an opportunity. HRP then delivers bespoke Talent Attraction and Engagement Campaigns using the latest inbound, automated, digital systems to provide our clients with a direct pipeline to exceptional candidates who, whilst typically not “on the market”, have proven credentials.

Engage The Top 15% of Industrial Talent in Canada!

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Would you like to improve your retention rate for talent in your company?

The HRP’s Talent Retention Strategy comprises a 6 month programme of retention support for each candidate  you hire. We’re so confident in the calibre and cultural fit of our candidates that we also offer a market-leading 6 month guarantee on the tenure of each hire. Our clients retain, beyond 6 months, 99% of the candidates they recruit though HRP, hence we can guarantee the success and tenure of each and every  recruit through HRP!

Achieve Market Leading Retention Rates for Talent!

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