Talent Acquisition

6432785_sTalent Acquisition

  • HRP takes the time to understand your company values and culture.
  • HRP offers affordable recruiting solutions to maximize your return-on-people and return-on-investment.
  • HRP focuses on your key strategic differentiator – YOUR PEOPLE

We Become You!

We Become You! These three simple words guide our partnership. We immerse ourselves in your organization, objectives and culture to offer strategic consulting that uniquely serve your organization   We are a company dedicated to making human capital into a strategic differentiator for our clients!

Cost Effectiveness!

We have over 30 years of experience and provide cost-effective service below industry standards.  We ensure you have the correct employees which will allow your business to prosper

Focus on your greatest competitive advantage; EMPLOYEES!

For companies that dominate and become a respected leader in their market place, they must invest in their human capital.  For companies to become successful they must first start with the “Who” (employees) prior to the “What” (strategies).  You must ensure you have the right talent in the correct seats within your organization. Once you have the correct talent you must ensure they are aware of how they will contribute to your company’s goals and values.  The biggest obstacle for entrepreneurs’ is locating the right talent they can trust to ensure they are making the correct decisions for the company to prosper. Lack of trust slows your company down, makes you inefficient and costs you money and time.  At HRPreneur we believe “culture beats strategy everyday!” Outsourcing your recruiting to a talent acquisition firm that will take the time to understand your business and your requirements will allow to you to build a great long lasting company.  “Your Productivity is Our Business”!